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PDF tools in emacs

After so many years' searching, I finally find a perfect pdf viewer in linux. The "perfect" I mean:

Function Performance
Viewer lightweight
Search on fly
  multiple language
Annotation add
  edit ( change, delete)

What I found is pdf-tools mode of emacs. Yes, emacs saves me again! :-)

pdf-tools is an alternative to DocView mode to view and edit pdf file in emacs. As long as I tried, it is really fast (if you have ever used DocView to open pdf file in emacs, you will definitely agree with me about "fast"), however the more important function of pdf-tools is that it can annotate pdf file!

I memo installation steps as below, for detailed usage of pdf-tools, go check https://github.com/politza/pdf-tools.


  1. install pdf-tools

    M-x package-list-packages

    find "pdf-tools", install it

  2. install dependencies, take debian as example

    $ sudo aptitude install libpng-dev libz-dev libpoppler-glib-dev libpoppler-private-dev 
  3. open emacs, M-x pdf-tools-install, follow the instructions to finish pdf-tools server installation
  4. open ~/.emacs(.el), add


    at the end of the file

  5. DONE

NOTE: pdf-tools can run in server mode, you can start a emacs daemon and use pdf-tools in client emacs. Very cool.


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